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Hello, Please, for some of us who still find it hard to fully comprehend how the Tasknibbler business works, we enjoin you once again to make it a date with us at our Webinar on 26th December by 2pm. We have just 2 days left. Tasknibbler is not GNLD. It is not like GNLD, neither is it network marketing. You can visit us at to get to know more about us. No, it is not network marketing. However, it is a business that strives on referral. And there is no gainsaying that the referral system is the machinery that sets in motion every legit business on the surface of the earth. Again, the Tasknibbler business basically connects Service Providers to Service Users through the Tasknibbler Android and iPhone Apps, just the way Uber connects car owners/drivers to the people who need cab service. The Tasknibbler business is for anyone who is literate or internet-savvy enough to navigate the Android or iPhone Tasknibbler App and wants to earn income in any of the followi
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A UNIQUE SELLING POINT JUST FOR YOU! Whether you are a Catholic or not, have you thought of meeting the CWO Presidents in your parish and in some other parishes in your state of residence and/or your state of origin for User App signups??? And even for Provider App signups??? Many of these women are working class ladies who need the User signups. On the other hand, many still are business owners who need the Provider signups. Most, if not all, women in Nigeria are overburdened with chores while their husbands,for example, hang out with friends or watch the Premier League right under the nose of their exhausted wives who are busy doing the cooking and cleaning up the dishes, all alone Tasknibbler also wants the women to "see" that reality...the reality of freedom from chores and routine household jobs. This is a unique selling point just for you. However, before you proceed, make it a date with us, first of all, at the Webinar with invited family and friends, so th

The ICT Revolution is Here!

Dearest, Here is a nugget of truth we at Tasknibbler want to share with you all on this platform. He who has ear, let him turn his ear to what the sage closest to him has to say. There is money in IT. Plenty of money to go round...and still counting. Oil and land may deplete some day. You never know. Already, oil is fast getting replaced by renewable energy. This simply means that a time is coming when oil prices will crash. Also, a time will come when real estate will crash. Robert Kiyosaki and other renowned financial experts have repeatedly testified to this indisputable fact. But, most certainly, not IT. Why? IT cuts across every sector of the economy, every business, every career, every place of worship, every place of learning...everywhere you go. It has become almost like the air we breathe, like the blood that runs through the veins of every business, every home and everything else. In this Information Age, no one, absolutely no one, can do anything without IT. Your age

Welcome  is a part of Speaking IT Canada, Inc., an international technology company based in Toronto ON Canada. At , we match freelance labour with local demand, allowing consumers of such labour to find safe and reliable help with everyday tasks.  commenced operations in Nigeria in 2019 and is firmly positioned to become one of the largest online and mobile marketplaces in the Nigerian tech industry, targeting over 500,000 Taskers (the labour suppliers) and 5,000,000 elite Task Providers (the labour consumers) per month in all the six (6) geopolitical zones of the country. Here at , we are committed to the principles of diversity and inclusion, and encourage applications from all qualified applicants.